All types of hacks are offered from 1/2 hour lead rein for small children (minimum of 5 years old) on quiet ponies, through to all day hacks for competent riders. 

Hacks can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual or group. Whether it be an hour for a family or a couple of hours for the more capable riders. Please feel free to discuss your own requirements.

                                                                              PRICES-(discounts for families/groups 5+)
                                                              1/2 hour:     Child- £12     Adult-£15
                                                              1 hour:        Child- £19     Adult £23  
                                                              2 hours:       Child- £30    Adult- £35       
                                                              Day ride:      Child- £60    Adult- £65  minimum amount of two people per day ride.

                                                                       OPENING HOURS-

                                    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 10am-5pm
                                                                (closed Tuesday and Sunday) 

                                                                         HOW TO BOOK-
                                                                  Email us at:
                                                                  Ring us on: 01497 851669

                                                                                    WHAT DO YOU NEED-
Riding hats are provided at no extra charge. We recommend sturdy boots with a heel (wellies usually fine). Wear long sleeves and comfortable trousers. We are quite high up so recommend wrapping up warm especially in Winter!!

We do not ask for a deposit but if possible please cancel 48 hours beforehand. Any concerns regarding the weather please feel free to call before you set out.