To all of our RDA Community

We are living through exceptional times, here's hoping that you and yours are all well and safe.
We had only just started our new season when events took over, so it seems we have not seen each other for a long time. We will be seeing some aching muscles when we do finally start again! Perhaps the key is to focus on the fact that this will all end at some point.
We are all facing challenges to varying degrees, so if anyone needs help of any kind, please get in touch. The trustees' contact details are below, and if any of us are able to assist then we will. Our skills are varied so I'm sure one of us will be able to help.
Or perhaps you might like to circulate a story, a picture or something else that you think others in our RDA community might enjoy or find interesting.

In the meantime, keep well, keep safe, and we look forward to seeing you when all this is over.
    The Trustees

    Richard Warr  01497 821461
    Jackie Johnston  01982 560363  jackaj1812@gmail.com
    Helen Wright  01981 550899. Bryngwyn.rda@gmail.com
    Marilyn Kelly  01544 370266  marilyn.kelly266@gmail.com
    Becky Miles  07855 504609  milesbecky@yahoo.co.uk
    Wayne Mathews  01497 851754  wayne_mathews@talk21.com







Many thanks to Clyro WI & the Cheese Club for the very kind donation. 

We really appreciate your generosity.



Contact Details

If you would like to get in touch please email bryngwyn.rda@gmail.com

Alternatively call 01497 851360 and leave a message




Riding Days

Alternate Thursdays

& Alternate Saturdays


Give as You Live

We are part of the Give as you Live charity fund-raising scheme.

Please help us by visiting the website, https://www.giveasyoulive.com

 and adding Bryngwyn RDA as your charity to support